Ljubov Gloria Bersudskaja

Designer, illustrator, programmer, fitness sports addict, inspired cook and proud mom - of a Seal Point cat: D

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Born 1988 in Berlin as the daughter of a Ukrainian English teacher/ poetry writer and a music fascinated craftsman and grew up in multicultural Kreuzberg.

Through these various influences, it was always clear to me that I need creativity as the air we breathe.

So I started as a small child with drawing everything in the air that I have seen. In my childhood and youth literature, painting, music, art and culture have always been an integral part of my everyday life.

I currently work as a graphic designer at Digital Performance GmbH and on free projects, such as screenprinting cloth bags, which you can buy on Dawanda .

My vision is to make the world a bit better, more beautiful and easier to understand through my designs. Design is ubiquitous and should, as earlier in the Bauhaus, be understood as a unity of many disciplines. These should not be torn apart, but always be considered as a whole. This is exactly why I do not specialize in one discipline or area, so as to set no limits to my creativity.

My dream is to open a "shopelier" which will be a space for exhibitions, a shop, an art/ design studio and café at once, which allows people not only to consume but rather invites to understand and take part in a special lifestyle.

Whether corporate, web or print design, illustration, photography or textile printing - all one of my interests and my work area. Additionally, I am doing distance studies at the moment to improve my programming skills.

I love unconventional things, carnival, fancy make-Up, electronic dance music, sports, my Seal Point cat, cooking for friends and family, travelling, laughing, and the way the color of black tea is unfolding in water.

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